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9 basic knowledges about peach skin fabrics you must know


9 basic knowledge about peach skin fabrics you must know

1, what is peach skin

Peach skin, also known as peach skin cloth, is a leather-like fabric developed after artificial suede products. It is a kind of thin sanding pile fabric woven from superfine synthetic fibers. The surface of the fabric is covered with a very short and delicate small pile, and the touch and vision of the fabric surface are like peach-skin suede fabric.

2. The origin of the name peach skin

The fine velvet finishing in the dyeing and finishing of the fabric produces a short pile covering about 0.2 mm tightly on the surface of the fabric, which is like a peach surface. It has a novel and elegant appearance and a comfortable feel, which is favored by people, so it is named This kind of fabric is peach skin (Micro Fiber Peach, peachskin). As a result, the sanding finishing is also called "peach skin finishing". This is the same as the "suede finishing" when the artificial suede products were popular in the past.

3. Types of peach skin

According to the different raw materials, it is divided into polyester peach skin and polyester nylon peach skin.

According to the organization, it is divided into plain weave peach skin, twill weave peach skin, and satin weave peach skin.

4. Common specifications of peach skin

Plain peach skin 75D*150D, 90 grams per square, 100 grams per square, 110 grams per square

Twill peach skin 75D*150D, 105 grams per square, 115 grams per square, 125 grams per square

Satin peach skin 75D*150D, 130 grams per square, 140 grams per square, 150 grams per square

5. Application of peach skin

The peach skin feels fluffy and soft after being sanded and finished, and the hair feels like peach skin. It is often used to make beach pants, jackets, children's clothing, skirts, home textiles such as sheets, mattresses, and pillows. It is a very widely used fabric.

6. The width of the peach skin

The peach skin is woven by a water jet loom and can theoretically reach 320 cm. Common peach skin widths are 150 cm, 240 cm, and 280 cm. 240 cm, 280 cm width is mainly used in home textiles.

7. Common problems in the production of peach skin

The main problems in the production of peach skin are as follows,

1) The problem of sanding strips in the sanding process.

2) The brushing is too heavy, the yarn is damaged seriously, and the strength of the fabric deteriorates. Unable to wear and use.

3) After dyeing, the wool needs to be sucked, otherwise it will fall off and the color fastness will be poor. It will be colored when stored together with other fabrics.

4) Before finishing the printing coating, it must be finished by absorbing wool, otherwise it will cause the sticking problem in the printing fire coating.

8. The finishing of peach skin often

The general finishing of peach skin fabrics includes printing, PA, PU, PVC coating, and calendering and embossing finishing.

Functional finishing includes waterproof, three-proof, breathable and moisture permeable, antistatic, flame retardant, etc.

9. The difference between peach skin and suede.

The raw material of jeanette yarn is polyester low-stretch yarn, nylon-polyester composite yarn, usually plain weave, twill weave, and satin weave. The peach skin is polished and finished, and the hair feel is short.

The yarn material of suede is modified polyester fiber-sea-island silk, which is often twill weave and satin weave. There are also knitted warp knitting and weft knitting organizations.

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