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Introduction to Conductive Fabric and Its Applications


Conductive fabric is made by electroplating metal coating onto a fiber cloth, usually a polyester fiber cloth that has undergone pretreatment to give it metallic properties. The conductive fabric can be classified into nickel-plated conductive fabric, gold-plated conductive fabric, carbon-plated conductive fabric, and aluminum foil fiber composite fabric, with plain and grid patterns on the surface.

Conductive fabric has various applications, including professional shielding work clothes and special shielding fabrics for shielded rooms used in electronics and electromagnetic industries. It is also used in the IT industry for shielded parts, popular touchscreen gloves, and radiation-resistant curtains. Conductive fabric padding is made of highly conductive and corrosion-resistant conductive fabric and high-elastic PU foam, and it has excellent electromagnetic wave shielding effect. It can be processed into various shapes and sizes according to customer requirements and is widely used in EMI/EMC prevention in various electronic products.

The conductive fabric is made by depositing metal nickel onto polyester fiber by chemical deposition or metal physical transfer. A highly conductive copper layer is then electroplated onto the nickel layer, and an oxidation-resistant and anticorrosive nickel-gold metal is electroplated onto the copper layer. The combination of copper and nickel provides excellent conductivity and electromagnetic shielding effect, and the shielding range is from 100K to 3GHz.

Conductive fabric, also known as anti-static fabric, is mainly made of polyester and conductive fibers. The conductive fiber is carbonized or doped, and the carbon black is mixed with the fiber material. The carbon black forms a continuous phase structure in the fiber, giving the fiber conductivity. Polyester is prone to static electricity, and the addition of conductive fibers makes the fabric conductive, releasing static electricity from the human body through the conductive wire. Conductive fabric has the following effects: excellent anti-static performance, washability, reducing the harm of static electricity to the human body, reducing discomfort caused by static electricity during movement or dressing/undressing, reducing clothes sticking and entanglement caused by static electricity, resisting dirt and easy to wash, preventing damage and aging of electronic components caused by static electricity in the electronics and instrument industries, and preventing combustion, explosion, and other hazards caused by static electricity in the petrochemical industry.

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