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How to check fabric weight?what is gsm weight in fabric?


 = Gram per square meter square meter gram weight = grams of fabric weight in 1 square meter

Measurement method.

How to handle?

Using a 10 cm square plate to take a sample and weighing out the gram weight * 100 = square meter gram weight 

For example, if you take a round sample of 10 cm2 with a round disc and put it on the gram weight machine, the weight is 1.08G.

Then the square meter weight of this piece of fabric is 1.08*100=108GSM

fabric weight machine.jpg


=Gram per meter = gram per meter = gram per meter for a fabric with a width of 1 meter. 

The conversion formula between gram per meter and gram per meter is


For example, if the width of 108GSM fabric is 1.5m, then the meter weight of this fabric = 108GSM*1.5M=162G/M. It means the weight of this fabric is 162g through the door width of 1m.

The same piece of fabric in the case of door width more than one meter, meter weight > square meter weight 

3. OZ 

How transfer OZ into the GSM and G/M

Ounce The weight of denim fabric is generally expressed in "ounce (OZ)", that is, the number of ounces per square yard of fabric weight, such as 7 ounces, 12 ounces of denim, etc.

The conversion method between GSM and OZ: 1OZ=33.9GSM 

1 oz/yard = 28.35 g/(0.9144 m * 0.9144 m) = 33.9 g/m2 e.g. 7OZ denim then GSM = 7*33.9 = 237.3 GSM 

Then 7OZ=7*33.9=237.3GSM

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