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Drying process of polyester greige cloth on water-jet loom

Because the water-jet loom drives the polyester yarn to weave through the water jet, the gray cloth after getting off the machine contains a lot of water, and the weight of the water is about the same as the weight of the cloth.

The gray cloth drying process is the process of drying the gray cloth (undyed or unprinted fabric) in the textile production process through the drying equipment. The purpose of this process is to remove the moisture in the gray fabric, so that it can reach an appropriate degree of dryness for the next step of dyeing or printing, and it can also make the gray fabric have better mechanical properties and quality stability.

The specific steps of the drying process can be adjusted according to different production processes and equipment, but generally include the following stages:

1. Hot air pretreatment: Before the gray cloth is sent into the drying chamber, hot air pretreatment is required, that is, to use high-temperature hot air to remove impurities and dust on the surface of the gray cloth to avoid pollution and damage to the drying chamber.

2. Drying stage: Send the pretreated gray cloth into the drying room, and evaporate the water in the gray cloth by means of hot air or infrared radiation, so that it gradually reaches the predetermined drying degree.

3. Cooling stage: After the drying stage is completed, the gray cloth needs to be taken out of the drying chamber and placed in the cooling chamber for cooling to avoid deformation or damage of the gray cloth surface due to overheating.

During the entire drying process, parameters such as drying time, temperature and humidity need to be strictly controlled to ensure that the gray cloth is properly dried and to avoid quality problems caused by overheating or insufficient drying.

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