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What are the suitable fabrics for pajamas? Which pajama fabric is the best


Pajamas, clothes to wear while sleeping

what requirements need to be met? Basically everyone will say the same need: comfort. Sleeping time is the most relaxing period for the human body and the best period for the five internal organs to repair and detoxify. Good bedding and pajamas are conducive to better sleep. Therefore, when it comes to pajamas, people who are very particular about the quality of life in their lives will not allow themselves and their families to treat them carelessly.


What are the common pajamas fabrics? The editor said that there are cotton, cotton and linen, silk, chemical fiber and so on. Sometimes consumers obviously want to buy cotton, but in fact, the merchants sell cotton-like chemical fiber fabrics, and they obviously don’t have the breathability and comfort of cotton when wearing them.

What are the suitable fabrics for pajamas? Which pajama fabric is the best


In daily life, consumers prefer all-cotton textiles. First, all-cotton is comfortable and cost-effective; of course, many people still feel that silk pajamas feel better on the skin, and consumers with good economic foundations will give priority to silk. pajamas. But for ordinary household consumers, they are already very happy to be able to buy genuine cotton pajamas.


In addition to cotton pajamas, silk pajamas, there may be other manufacturers that choose cotton-polyester and other chemical fiber blended fabrics for pajamas. Chemical fiber has an advantage in cost, but consumers' purchase is hard to say. In addition, there may be people who choose cotton and linen fabrics and linen fabrics for pajamas. I have not found anyone who likes to sleep in linen in life. After all, the texture of linen is rough. Will it feel better to sleep in such a fabric? Ha ha.


In comparison, cotton pajamas are more popular with ordinary consumers.

Chemical fiber pajamas have an advantage in price. The sales situation depends on the flicker of the merchants. The price of silk is generally very high, and the middle and upper class petty bourgeoisie groups will choose .


If anyone wants to make genuine cotton pajamas, find pajamas fabric samples on the global textile network. There are many varieties of high-quality cotton fabrics, and the stock samples can be touched to make it easier to confirm.

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