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What do P/D, Y/D, PRT, PFD, and PFP mean in the textile industry?


What do P/D, Y/D, PRT, PFD, and PFP mean in the textile industry?

P/D: The abbreviation of Piece Dyed, which means piece dyed on the fabric;

Y/D: The abbreviation of Yarn Dyed, the fabric means yarn-dyed;

PRT: the abbreviation of Print, the meaning of printing;

PFD: Prepare for Dyeing, which is a semi-finished fabric prepared for dyeing after pre-treatment, also called semi-bleached;

There is also a frequently used PFP: prepare for printing, the pre-treated semi-bleached fabric can be used for printing;

WHITE: It means white, which is usually bleached white.

y/d means yarn-dyed fabric, and P/D means dyed fabric.

Extended information:

The purpose of spinning is to wind the cotton yarn entering the factory into a package with a certain structure and specifications, which is suitable for knitting production. In the spinning process, it is necessary to eliminate some defects on the yarn, and at the same time make the yarn have a certain uniform tension, and perform necessary auxiliary treatments on the yarn, such as waxing and oiling, to improve the knitting performance of the yarn. Improve production efficiency and improve product quality.


Common ones are:

(1) Polyester

(2) Nylon (nylon)

(3) Pure cotton, divided into combed, semi-combed, and carded cotton

(4) Viscose fiber

(5) Blended spinning, for example T/C cloth is a yarn blended with a certain proportion of cotton and polyester yarn

(6) Spandex, such as DuPont Lycra

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